The Disaster Accountability Project ( provides public accountability and oversight to the U.S. disaster prevention, response, relief and recovery systems through monitoring and policy research.

Since Katrina, there has been significant focus on the botched response, relief, and recovery efforts across the Gulf Region. Seriously lacking, however, is the attention paid to broken disaster prevention, response, relief, and recovery systems at the root of the post-Katrina problems and complications that continue to cause extensive suffering for so many.

The non-partisan Disaster Accountability Project monitors the public accountability of the disaster management systems, engages a community of stakeholders in tracking recommendations for their improvement, and uses a website and Hotline for survivors and disaster response volunteers and workers to raise concerns and publicize critical service gaps.

The basic premise, is that if the American Red Cross, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies and organizations do their jobs correctly, we won’t have the same problems we had after Hurricane Katrina, after the next disaster.

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